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Dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic | Spanish Speaking Doctor Elgin

Dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus or the COVID-19 pandemic has spread worldwide and has affected numerous people all over the globe. With the rising number of cases, officials, primary care, and other medical professionals have urged citizens to stay indoors and practice social distancing. The elderly, especially, are encouraged to stay away from large crowds and infected persons, as they are the most prone to the virus.

As your trusted provider of consulting services in Arlington Heights, Illinois, we are here to assist you and your elderly loved ones through this issue. By giving you the right information and tips on how to stay safe indoors and outdoors, we guarantee that we will get through this together. The following are ways you can stay calm and healthy while at home:

  • Avoid too much news.Although learning about the current happenings is vital, but learning how to moderate your attention to news is key to lowering panic and stress.
  • Connect with loved ones.Make it a point to connect with our loved ones online. That way, they can be assured that everyone in the family is safe.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.Boost your immunity by eating healthy foods and exercising. Follow what your primary care doctor in Elgin, Illinois, planned for your overall health.
  • If outside, distance yourself.Maintain a six feet distance to avoid infection. Professionals of internal medicine also urge everyone to cover their mouths and noses with masks.
  • Wash your hands.Wash your hands for 20 seconds thoroughly with soap and water, as well as utilizing a 60-70% solution of hand sanitizer or alcohol.

If you are looking for more information on how to stay safe during the pandemic, do not hesitate to contact Doctor Sanchez Medical Care, a medical clinic in Illinois.

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