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Geriatrics Care: Health Challenges Affecting Seniors | Hispanic Primary Care Doctor Near Me

Geriatrics Care: Health Challenges Affecting Seniors

Are you in charge of your senior loved one at home? Taking care of their well-being involves ensuring that their health is in great condition and that they’re ready for any emergency. It is for this reason that regular appointments with a Primary Care Doctor in Elgin, Illinois is essential to ensure your senior loved one’s overall health.

To promote quality geriatrics care, it’s also important to take note of the health challenges that commonly affect seniors. Knowing that these conditions can be very common also encourages us to take our loved one to a routine checkup.

Consider these common challenges in seniors:

  • Chronic Diseases
    In a published report by the AARP, no less than the National Council on Aging relays that approximately 91% of American seniors have at least one chronic illness. In addition, the top four chronic diseases also comprise two-thirds of the overall mortality each year. These chronic diseases include heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. However, these conditions can be managed and addressed when a senior person regularly visits their doctor in the Medical Clinic in Illinois.
  • Dementia
    A senior person’s cognition is also easily affected in the senior years, and as an illness, this is called dementia. According to the National Institute on Aging, a person’s chronic disease also increases their risk of acquiring dementia. Since dementia is a progressive illness, diagnosing it earlier enables the senior and their family member to work on self-management practices to delay the progression of the disease.
  • Falls
    According to the CDC, falling is a very common scenario for seniors especially as they step on the age of 65. Approximately one out of four seniors experience falling each year, and every fall increases their risk of having it again. Without regularly visiting your primary care doctor in Arlington Heights, Illinois, you cannot report about these incidents. Consequently, you cannot have the advice on how to ensure safety at home, which can put you at even higher risk of falling. These falls can also result in injuries, disabilities, and further life threats.
  • Malnutrition
    The lack of sufficient nutrition is another common challenge for seniors. According to Mayo Clinic, an older adult’s malnutrition can result in further health concerns, which can further complicate their age-related ailments. Their immune system weakens, and if they have wounds to take care of, healing is delayed even more. As your loved one visits their doctor regularly, the signs of malnutrition can be detected early, and they can be provided with the correct advice and monitoring on how to address this issue.

Our senior loved ones still face a plethora of health challenges along with the above-mentioned issues. Without undergoing adequate Consulting Services in Arlington Heights, Illinois, these health concerns may arise, leading to further health complaints, which may be too late to address.

Encourage your aging loved one to regularly visit us at Doctor Sanchez Medical Care. Let us help you ensure the overall health of your aging loved one.

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