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Prevent Constipation With a Healthy Lifestyle | Geriatric Doctor 60120

Prevent Constipation With a Healthy Lifestyle

Have you experienced having issues with your bowel movement that you had to visit a medical clinic in Illinois? The feeling of discomfort while trying to pass stool occurs when someone is constipated. Many have experienced it in their lives. Constipation involves bloatedness, and you strain to pass your stool. In times like these, your stool may either be solid or small in size.

Constipation happens when you lack fiber. Fiber helps soften your intake, and without it, you may experience bowel difficulties. Often, constipation results from health problems like colon cancer and damaged nerves in your digestive system. Apart from seeking help from a primary care provider, you can avoid constipation by following these practices:

  • Incorporate fiber into your diet.
    Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are prime sources of fiber. Make sure to eat portions recommended by your doctor.
  • Drink enough fluids.
    Water is your best friend, but drinking fresh fruit juices are also advised.
  • Exercise!
    A primary care doctor in Elgin, Illinois, can help you identify the right exercises your body needs.

If all else fails, seeing a primary care doctor in Arlington Heights, Illinois, might help you with constipation.

You can also visit Doctor Sanchez Medical Care, a trusted medical clinic in Illinois that offers internal medicine and other medical services to help you feel better. Visit us today!

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